MediHAL : Open archive for scientific images

MédiHAL is an open archive where visual, scientific, image-based documents (scanned images and photographs, digital photographs, computer graphics, digital simulation images, etc.) can be deposited.

MédiHAL was developed in 2010 by the CNRS centre for direct scientific communication (CCSD) and the CNRS national centre for the digitalisation of visual material (CN2SV), with the support of the Très grand équipement ADONIS (TGE), a very large research infrastructure led by the CNRS.

The Médihal website states that “the visual data must be scientific data derived from:  completed or ongoing scientific research projects, completed or ongoing scientific programmes, or individual or group scientific repositories. Images produced for a scientific publication or for the visual document repository of a laboratory, a team, etc. are admissible. MédiHAL can also serve as a depository for visual data supporting electronic articles deposited in HAL, electronic journals, research records, etc.”

Link to MédiHAL

Médihal documents and video tutorials can be found on this page

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