Safari Explore : new feature on Safari technical Books

Photo credit: zugaldia / / CC BY

Safari Technical Books is a digital library specialising in IT (25,000 titles to date) to which Inria is subscribed (the “Custom Collection Inria” library, containing 50 titles).

It contains digital books from publishers including Addison-Wesley, O’Reilly, Wiley and Prentice-Hall among others.

A “Safari Explore” feature now allows you to view, from our “Custom Collection”, all of the titles available on this platform: 

View the platform here

Just click on the “Explore” button to browse through the entire Safari catalogue.

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If you’re interested in a title, contact us and we’ll add it to the “Custom Collection Inria”.

The Safari Technical Books digital library can also be accessed via the Researcher’s Information Toolkit (Safari ebooks widget).

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