The Researcher’s Information Toolkit: the information toolbox!

Atelier documentaire du chercheur

The aim of the Researcher’s Information Toolkit:

to provide – on a single page in a customisable space – access to various Inria documentary resources and IST services in the form of these widgets which assist with documentary research and access to online services.

The first dialogue box (widget) allows you to run a search on the publishers’ sites or in the databases;

the second box allows you to run a search in either the Inria repository catalogue or the list of subscriptions;

the third box allows you to search Inria photos and videos.

No registration necessary. If you already have a Netvibes universe, you can transfer widgets to your Netvibes universe.
Other services are also available: the Robert-Collins French/English dictionary [restricted access]; Fabrica: the information management tools software library; links to Hal-Inria services, etc.

Finally, a news service provides updates on IST, new items in the document repositories, etc.

The Researcher’s Information Toolkit: essential to being informed!

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