BibTeX import in Hal-Inria

urlBib2HalWeb  allows you to submit a batch of publications to HAL using a BibTeX file.

To do this you need a Hal account

The tool makes submission easy:

  • by analyzing the bibtex with detection and indication of errors
  • by offering author affiliations using the existing ones in HAL
  • by supplementing some missing metadata with default values (e.g. x-audience, abstract, etc.)
  • by supplementing some missing metadata using the reference bases (e.g. x: publish from journal)

We encourage you to read the online documentation [french], in particular the requirements of the BibTeX format, before commencing your submission. Pay attention to the quality of the BibTeX references to ensure that there are complete instructions in HAL.

In accordance with Inria’s open access policy, the full text must be submitted (author’s and/or publisher’s version wherever possible). References on their own are only accepted in exceptional circumstances. Bib2halWeb only accepts author PDFs. However, it is possible to submit an abridged document and then add the file or files via HAL-Inria.


Access to Bib2HalWeb

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