12th ABES Days 14–15 May 2013

Every year, the ABES Days held in Montpellier provide an opportunity to get training, share knowledge, and communicate. This year, around 500 information officers and library professionals from higher education and research attended presentations given by national and international experts. Different themes were treated:

• the impact of new Web service platforms on libraries
• preparing for the future of scientific and technical information
• French catalogues and linked data
• ABES news
• shared library management systems (SGBM)
• Colodus

→ Go to presentations. (FYI: videos filmed by the Canal C2 [Université de Strasbourg] operator will be available on or around 30 May.)

In parallel, certain organizations presented projects or initiatives. There was a total of 28 posters, paper and digital. → See digital posters

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