: access to french PhD theses from 1985

© Guillaume Piolle / CC-BY-3.0

© Guillaume Piolle / CC-BY-3.0 providing access to french PhD theses from 1985.

Conceived and developed by ABES  (the French Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education), is a search engine intended to catalogue every French PhD thesis defended since 1985.

Since 25 May, 2013, all of the theses from the SUDOC (France’s catalogue of higher education libraries), STAR (the national catalogue of theses in electronic format) and STEP (Referencing Theses in Progress) databases are available at

A total of more than 240,000 thesis records are now available (compared with 17,000 before).

The goal of  is to create a point of entry on the web for all the PhD theses that are being prepared or that have been defended in France, whatever their format (paper, digital, commercially published), as well as to catalogue all the people and organisations involved with the theses.

The database only includes the thesis versions approved by the jury during the defence, though each thesis record also indexes the different available versions of the same thesis (a version revised by an editor, for example).

It is possible to access the full text for each thesis record (if it is available online or on the Intranet) or, where applicable, to check its date of availability.”

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