Filing of dissertations on HAL-Inria


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It is now possible to file the full-text version of your dissertation on HAL-Inria. It will appear in HAL-Inria and in Inria’s collection of publications.

To file a dissertation:

Log on to

  • Menu: ‘File’ > ‘Document with a bibliographical reference’ > ‘HAL-Inria+ student dissertations’
  • Upload your file and enter the metadata requested.
  • When completing the submission form, enter the name of your dissertation supervisor and his/her E-mail address.

The approval of the student’s supervisor will be sought before the dissertation is displayed on Hal-Inria.

The dissertation will not be posted online if there is no response from the supervisor.

The following list contains the type of dissertation that you can submit:

Master thesis 2, Master thesis 1, Engineering school master thesis, Master 2 probation report, D.E.A. Master thesis, Professional master thesis 2, Professional master thesis 1, Master thesis, University degree probation report, Master 1 probation report, Cnam probation report, D.E.S.S Master thesis, Final report of studies end.

The Hal-Inria online help section contains further information

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