End of subscription to Science online content


Inria has not renewed its subscription to the online version of Science for 2014.

The Couperin consortium  to which Inria belongs, attempted to negotiate 2014 access to the resource.

However, the offer put forward by the magazine’s editor, the AAAS, was deemed unacceptable by consortium members.

The proposed payment scheme would have substantially raised fees for some of them.

In solidarity with those members, Inria has decided not to retain access to this resource and hopes that the pressure exerted by Couperin might lead to changes in the AAAS sales policy and a more attractive proposal for 2015.

Note: to request any articles from this journal, please contact : services.ist[at]inria.

About Couperin: Couperin is a consortium of universities and research organizations concerned with access to digital publications. It assesses digital documentary resources and negotiates terms of their use.

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