HAL V3 is just around the corner: information for submitters

logoHALv3HAL user notice: Version 3 of HAL is just around the corner. As the architecture of HAL is going to be overhauled and its implementation will depend on substantial software developments, some services will either be unavailable or unstable for a certain length of time. Please bear this in mind if you plan to make extensive use of HAL services this spring (drafting of activity reports, application forms, etc.). As the schedule is not yet definitive, we will keep you informed as the project advances. The new version of HAL contains a number of new features which are very interesting:


  • At the end of March, we plan to launch a test version that will be assessed by a number of confirmed users.

We will keep you informed of any alterations to the schedule as and when the need arises and of any actions that you may be required to carry out. Please note: HAL V3 will retain all haltool services, including ‘Create your webpage’, ‘XML/Bibtex publications export’, etc. After HAL has migrated, we recommend:

  • unless urgent, that you do not submit anything to HAL for few days (we will give us details)
  • We suggest that you make use of this time to check the integrity of your data on HAL as well as the new functionalities, etc.

Please check:

  • that your login and password function,
  • your submissions and profile in your space,
  • your submissions: completeness, authors and affiliations, files and appendices, metadata,
  • that your list of publications generated with Haltools is correct.

Do not hesitate to come back to the IST network if you require any further information. Please contact : archive-ouverte@inria.fr

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