Survey : social network and open access in research

Par Zigomitros Athanasios – Thor4bp [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Within the framework of the European FOSTER project, the COUPERIN* consortium, which brings together all higher education and research institutions, would like to set up communication programmes and Open Access training for researchers.

To understand the ongoing process of informal exchanges in the research community seeking to raise the status of Open Access, here is a quick survey (10 minutes maximum) that aims to understand practices on research social networks (such as and in relation to Open Access.

This inquiry (5 to 10 minutes maximum) is intended for scientists (researchers, doctoral fellows, etc.)

Participate in the inquiry before 20 June 2014.

(*): An association of higher education and research institutions for the development of access to digital documentation through the negotiation of purchasing terms and the promotion of open access to

Contact : S. Vignier :  stephanie_dot_vignier_at_insa-lyon_dot_fr

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