HAL V3 – innovations presented by the CCSD (Centre for Direct Scientific Communication)

enseigneCCSDOn its blog, the CCSD reveals innovations in version three of HAL through a 116-slide presentation given during three training sessions organised by the URFIST (Regional Unit for Training in Scientific and Technical Information) in Rennes, Lyon and Toulouse in June 2014. The presentation was prepared by Bénédicte Kuntziger, head of training at the CCSD. View the presentation on the CCSD website.

Presentation layout:

  1. CAS centralized authentication
  2. My space:
    My submissions
    My property sharing
    My profile
    My idHAL: menu for managing your idHAL via the CV
    My CV/my publications
  3. Submissions:
    Data types
    Submitting a file
    Licences in HAL and CC
    SOLR search engine and Search API (searches in reference documents and databases)
  4. Consultation
  5. Search
    Tools: saving my search and subscription
    Exports and creating a library
    Viewing the submission: data and features offered
  6. The Collections
    Collection manager: stamping and settings (website)
    (Administrator: creating collections)
  7. Benefits
    Collections: Administrator (criteria by manual request)
    Statistics (statistics concerning submissions)
    Manage: users

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