What is Fabrica ?

Fabrica presents tools and tips to help you manage information, and news on the scientific and technical information (resources, publishing, open access, …).

Designed by Inria librarians, Fabrica is available to everyone on the web. However, access to certain tools can be restricted to Inria members.

What do we offer?

The selected tools are the results of our monitoring on news and practices about information management. We present the features and potential weaknesses of the tools.

WarningSome suggested tools may communicate your data to third parties. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of the various tools and / or compliance usages of the tool with your organization’s policy. For members of Inria, refer to the document on IT security rules (https://intranet.inria.fr/en/Inria/Inria-s-Departments/Information-Systems/10-rules-for-IT-security) in particular the “use of free Internet services” rule.

You can yourself suggest tools or tricks, or even send us your comments via fabrica[at]inria.fr.

Only for Inria members

A forum is available on Iris: https://reseau-iris.inria.fr/groups/profile/15931/fabrica-echanger-pour-mieux-gerer-linformation

In case of technical problems, you can contact support at the following address: https://helpdesk.inria.fr/categories/182/submit by selecting the service “Logithèque Fabrica”.

Recommended browsers

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For any request, please contact us at fabrica[at]inria.fr.

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