HAL V3: the forthcoming agenda


The switch from version 2 to version 3 of HAL is to take place on 14 October at 10 AM.

A comprehensive documentation is already available from the CCSD blog

Until the HAL V3 launch, you can carry on making test concerning deposit, browsing and querying facilities, as well as ensuring that your publication data and affiliations have been accurately transferred to the test database (i.e. the sandbox associated with a migration dated from 19/09/2014).

Please give all your feedback, comprising bug reports, to archive-ouverte@inria.fr

On the days following the launch, we advise you to check the proper transfer of your data before making further deposits on HAL.

No new HAL account will be created from 10 October onwards and until HAL V3 is up and running.

You will still be able to upload papers on HAL V2 until 13 October 2014.

Have fun with the tests!

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