The thumbnail functionality for HAL and HalTools is once again available following migration to HAL V3

Simulation numérique : écoulement de fluide (fumée)

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It is once again possible to include windows and thumbnails from publications on a page using HalTools.

As before, just check the ‘’ checkbox in the display and formatting area, then select a CSS style sheet compatible with thumbnails (../css/VisuOmbreVignettes.css, ../css/VisuRubriqueEncadre.css). If no reduced size main image is available, the first page of the PDF file (if any) will be displayed.

The procedure for adding one or more thumbnails is given below:

  • Add the thumbnails one by one when submitting the files. For each thumbnail:
    • format=données supplémentaires
    • Then, click on the ‘pencil’ icon to configure the file.
    • Choose the type of addition: type d’annexe=”figure,image”
    • Set annexe principale=”oui” for the main thumbnail

It is possible to include thumbnails even if there is no PDF file.

It will be soon also possible to attach a thumbnail to a record, providing that you are connected and either the author or the person submitting the record. Click on the ‘Add a file’ button at the bottom of the screen.

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