MOOC on « Semantic Web and Linked Data » by Inria-uTOP

A new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will be available on March, 2 2015 on the French platform France Université Numérique (FUN) : the course « Semantic Web and Linked Data » will be taught by Fabien Gandon, Olivier Corby and Catherine Faron-Zucker, our colleagues from the Wimmics team. 1000 people are already registered for this MOOC, which was created by Inria’s MoocLab, as part of the uTOP project.

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Who can take this course ?

This course is especially aimed at computer engineers and computer science students, particularly in the field of information systems. It can complement traditional university courses on basic web technologies.

What’s the uTOP project?

uTOP, which means “Université de Technologie Ouverte Pluripartenaire” (Open MultiPartner University of Technology – http://utop.fr, is a project in response to PIA’s IDEFI call (Initiatives d’excellence en formations innovantes IDEFI).

This pilot project was launched in collaboration with the UNIT foundation and fuscia (Inria – Digital Universities’ partnership). Its aim is to create a demonstrator for increasing research visibility through out training. Training courses made by uTOP Inria consist in two parts: MOOCs, most often bilingual, available on the French platform France Université Numérique (FUN) and on-demand tailor-made supplementary trainings for companies. MOOCs are created by Inria’s Mooc Lab.

Feel free to register and share this information widely. The course is free and open to everybody:

> MOOC « Semantic Web and Linked Data » (on FUN).

The latest news about Inria’s MOOCs can be found on the following Twitter account: @MoocLabInria. The latest news about the MOOC « Semantic Web and Linked Data » can be found with the following hashtag : #moocwebsem

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