New national licence resources


Four new national licenses have just been signed by ABES in the ISTEX programm:

Wiley : the license signed with the US publisher Wiley provides access to nearly 2,200 titles scientific journals, 1791-2011.

BMJ Publishing Group Limited : in the medical field, a contract was signed with the company BMJ Publishing Group Limited (* = BMJ British Medical Journal) to provide 64 titles published since the early publications until 2013 inclusive.

Walter De Gruyter : the acquisition of a little over 500 titles covering the period from 1826 to 2012, was negotiated with the German publisher Walter De Gruyter. These journal archives cover a variety of research areas, including in particular the humanities and social sciences resources.

Sage : the contract with the American publisher Sage provides access to over 600 journals covering all research disciplines, for a period from 1847 until 2009.

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