HAL – Haltools : some news

On the “researcher webpage“, next to the pdf, there is now also a new icon, which allows you to see the publication’s BibTeX. This icon has been added automatically to all pages. Those researchers who have already compiled their webpage will now see this icon appear. For those who would rather not include it, it can be removed by modifying the style parameters of the page (add: LienBibtexACoteFulltext {display: none;}


Contact: archive-ouverte[at]inria[dot]fr

Haltools access (ldap authenfication)


  1. either youve removed my earlier comment or its got lost?? to the publisher… you’ve missed a few typos near the ending

    • Hello, We just have tested this code on Firebug : “.LienBibtexACoteFulltext {display: none;}. ” and its works.

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