WCopyfind : a plagiarism tool

WCopyfind is a standalone application that compare multiple documents in order to show the similarities between them.

Unlike other tools such as Copyscape or 3YA that search the web to ensure an absence of plagiarism, WCopyfind is especially useful when you already have suspicions on specific documents.

After you select the files, you can set the search options. Results are displayed in an HTML file (which automatically be recorded in the folder you have specified in Folder for the Report Files). Any matching string between files are indicated in red character.

Accepted file formats are: .docx, .doc, .txt, .htm, .html, and .pdf.

Strengths :

  • open source (GPL)
  • very fast
  • you can set a lot of options (minimum match string length, the ability to ignore punctuation, numbers, letter case …)

Présentation de l'interface de WCopyfind

Weak point :

  • only available on Windows

Website : http://plagiarism.bloomfieldmedia.com/z-wordpress/software/wcopyfind/

Online help : http://plagiarism.bloomfieldmedia.com/z-wordpress/software/wcopyfind-instructions/

From : Louis Bloomfield – University of Virginia (Wisconsin)

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