Offurl : Search engine to find software in official web sites

Logo de Offurl Who has not downloaded a software and ended up with a virus on the computer?

To avoid this, it is necessary to retrieve the software from the publisher website. But with the many links on a conventional search engine that can quickly be tedious.

Offurl (for Official Url) is a specialized search engine that always returns to the official website of the desired software.

Presentation de l'interface de Offurl

Weaknesses :

  • It’s still a new website, a lot of software are not yet listed. But the team behind Offurl saves all unsuccessful searches and attempts to provide a link within 24 hours. It is also a contributory site and you have the option of submitting softwares.
  • Search by categories or keywords may be useful when you do not exactly know the name of the tool you want.

Website :

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  1. merci pour l’info !

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