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logo de StackExchangeis a set of collaborative websites of questions and answers.

Each of the Stack Exchange network websites offers a particular theme: Mathematics for mathematicians, StackOverFlow for IT developers, TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange for users of TeX language, LaTeX, Writers for authors, …

StackExchange Math


  • The idea is to ask a specific question on the theme of the site and obtain or submit an accurate answer. Unlike a forum that allows more passionate discussions, StackExchange wants to go directly to the point for more efficiency. However, comments are welcome and we are also invited to vote to approve or sanction other users. A badge system rewards contributors (Nice question, Nice Answer, Guru, Curious, …).
  • The search is done via the search engine or by browsing categories: Questions, Tags, Users, Badges, Unanswered.
  • Creating a new theme is subject to approval of the community.


Complete list of StackExchange sites:

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Creators: Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood

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