Yacy, the peer-to-peer search engine

Logo de YacyYacy (Yet Another Cyberspace) is a search engine hosted locally on your machine and whose main characteristic is its ability to operate in peer-to-peer network. The indexing of web pages is then decentralized.

Presentation de l'interface de Yacy

Strengths :

    • Yacy does not store user data.
    • Yacy does not index private pages (those that require identification).
    • Some search operators are available in the search options.

Options de recherche de Yacy

  • Very complete set of parameters (user management, indexing vocabulary of administration, network monitoring, black list management, …).
  • open source.

Weak point:

  • Requires many users to achieve efficient indexing.

Web site : http://yacy.net/en/

Operating systems : Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux

Licence : GNU General Public License

Tutorials : http://yacy.net/en/Tutorials.html

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