Interactive storytelling with Twine

Logo de l'outil TwineTwine is an open-source tool to create interactive and non-linear stories in the manner of a gamebook. Thus the unfolding of the narrative results of the user’s choice.

Originally created to make video games, Twine can be used to create serious games, digital mediation systems, e-learning platforms, …

We create a story by bricks which are then connected via links with one of the two following syntaxes:

  • [[link text]] indicates that the link text will be identical to the name of the linked brick.
  • [[Link Text | Name of the linked brick]] to be used when the link text is different from the name of the linked brick.
Presentation of the Twine creation interface

Creation interface

Main features:

  • Twine offers two versions of the tool: a standalone application or an online version.
  • No concept of code is needed. Notions of Markdown, XML, JavaScript and CSS can however be useful to improve the presentation and functionality of your story.

By default, Twine saves your stories directly in your browser. Therefore, if you delete your browser history, your story disappears. To overcome this, think of regularly save your stories in an HTML file with the Archive feature that saves all your stories. More info here.


Creator: Chris Klimas

Example: The story “I’m Really Sorry About That Thing I Said When I Was Tired and/or Hungry” illustrates how to use Twine to offer definitions or additional information.



OS: Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux

Licence: GNU General Public License

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