Read your web pages later with Framabag

Logo de FramabagFramabag is an online service that save web articles to read it later. The saved articles display only the editorial content (no ads, no design).

This service is based on Wallabag, an open-source standalone application.

Several options for saving a web page:

  • via Framabag with the link save a link.
  • via a bookmarklet to drag and drop into the bookmarks bar of your browser from the Framabag configuration page.
  • via browser extensions (Firefox, Chrome, …).
  • via your mobile.

Présentation de l'interface de Framabag/wallabag

Before (normal mode) / after (readable mode) with Framabag :

Mode normal


Mode lecture


Main features:

  • Import data from other similar apps like Pocket or Readability, bookmarks of your web browser or a JSON or HTML file.
  • Export to ePub, PDF, Mobi formats allowing you to read articles while disconnected.
  • Creation of RSS feed.
  • Organize articles by tags or by categories (preferred, archived).
  • The documentation is complete and clear.


Main developer: Nicolas Lœuillet


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