Eureka! I generated an idea

Lack of inspiration?

Do not panic, some tools allow you to stimulate your imagination and unleash your creativity.

We have selected four of them.


Portent allows you to generate article titles and find topic ideas. The answers are often silly but can help brainstorm.

Présentation de Portent


Wikimindmap is a tool to create mind maps from Wikipedia pages. Browsing from topic to topic, a bright idea can arise unexpectedly, by serendipity.

Présentation de wikimindmap

Oblique Strategy

The musician Brian Eno and the painter Peter Schmidt offer a game called oblique strategies that invites change of perspective. Questions or thoughts, displayed randomly, develop creativity by challenging us to step aside.

Présentation du site Oblique Strategy


A study showed the benefits of ambient noise on our creativity. In this context, Soundrown offers rain sounds, playground, train, …

Présentation de Soundrown

See also : How to cultivate the art of serendipity (New York Times – January 2 2016)

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