HAL–Inria: Author repository in HAL

The CCSD (Direct Scientific Communication Centre) plans to implement an author repository system within HAL during 2012. Pending this development, which will allow each author to create their own “idHAL”, author forms have been made available, based on the existing database.
Author forms contain the following information: the author’s full name, email address, the establishment within which they work and their research team (for authors from certain institutions other than Inria). The system now offers a pre-completed author form, including your name, email address, establishment and research team if appropriate, provided that you have previously provided this information, to help you make sure you have selected the appropriate format.
When creating your author form, the fields within the type of form selected are automatically filled in, and can be amended as required.
The information officers within your centres can delete any duplicate author forms (so as to ensure consistency within the author forms, so that, for example, your email address and establishment are always the same); do not hesitate to contact them for assistance.

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