UK : study for the development of open archives

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The “Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings” was commissioned to study how to develop access to research publications conducted both in the UK and the rest of the world, and to propose an action plan to this purpose. He sought to identify key objectives and guiding principles adapted to a transition period leading to wider access to research results. He issued a number of recommendations for specific actions to be taken and identified the lead actors. The Working Group is aware that the transition could take several years and result in additional costs. His proposals involve a culture change, a shift in fundamental modes of publication and dissemination of research. A new vision must be developed and shared about the roles and their nesting, the different stakeholders: researchers, policy makers, funders, university governance, librarians, publishers and other intermediaries.

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  1. Service IST Inria

    La Grande-Bretagne met en oeuvre cette politique en consacrant 12,5 millions d’euros (dix millions de livres) pour le soutien à l’open access (Modèle écononique éditorial dit “gold”).
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