Scientific publications and publishers : what role can authors play

Injured Piggy Bank WIth Crutches

CC Flick Licence / Kenteegardin

In an interview in October 2013, Richard Dumont, General Director of libraries at the University of Montreal, criticises the exorbitant costs of scientific journals.

He reminds us that the writers supply the raw material free of charge to publishers who then make a 40% profit at their expense.

In a bid to take back control, the University of Montreal has opted to unsubscribe from a publisher package in order to subscribe to a selection of titles.

Dumont calls for awareness among scientists, the only ones with the power to change this publisher policy, as a large-scale movement would be impossible without writer involvement. Now it’s up to scientists to take control of the alternatives!

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Additional article on the relations between libraries, writers, scientific publications and free access: “Bibliothèques: Les dindons de la farce.” (libraries: the joke’s on us)

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